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25 Clever Places for Smart Gals to Hide Their Money

May 3, 2011
  1. Inside of a tampon box. Tip: take all of the tampons out and place the money at the bottom of the box. Replace tampons. If the lid won’t close because you’re lucky enough to have a lot of the green stuff, place the tampons on their sides or place the money in between the tampons.
  2. Inside of an empty tube of lipstick. Tip: make sure you thoroughly clean the lipstick out of the tube before putting the rolled up bills inside. The easiest way to do this is to scoop out all of the leftover lipstick and then wash the tube by itself in the washer or dishwasher.
  3. Inside of a toilet paper tube. Tip: open package of toilet paper, place money inside one of the tubes, stack the toilet paper in your linen closet with the roll containing the money at the bottom. Remember not to use this roll and to keep it covered with another roll at all times.
  4. In an empty, but weighted shampoo, conditioner or shower gel bottle. Tip: place money in a plastic zip-seal baggie and make sure you seal it completely. Stuff baggie in bottle. Fill bottle with water. Place in your linen closet.
  5. Underneath the trash can liner in the bathroom. Tip: it may be unwise to do this if you have roommates. Otherwise, make sure you don’t throw out your money when you empty the trash. If you’re worried about the money showing, say because you have a translucent trash bin, then double up the liners and put the money between them.
  6. Taped flat to the top of one of the blades of your ceiling fan.
  7. Inside of a hot water bottle. Tip: place money in a plastic zip-seal baggie first and make sure it’s completely sealed before stuffing in the hot water bottle.
  8. Inside of a CD or DVD case. Tip: you won’t be able to hide a lot of bills, but you can save a few for a rainy day.
  9. Between the pages of a book. Tip: pick one you don’t use too often and make sure a bookmark is visible, as this will serve as your “money reminder.”
  10. Inside of a box of macaroni and cheese. Tip: using a letter opener or knife blade, carefully pry open the bottom of the box, taking care not to rip the flaps – glue shut when done placing your money inside.
  11. Inside of an empty jar of face cream. Tip: roll the bills tightly and put a rubber band around the roll. Place the roll inside of the empty jar and store in your linen closet.
  12. In the toes of a pair of shoes. Tip: pick a pair that you don’t wear very often, or, use a pair of children’s shoes. Claim they were your favorite pair as a child, the pair you were wearing when your favorite uncle took you horseback riding for the first time. It’s likely no one will bother with them or worse, try to borrow them.
  13. In your journal or diary. Tip: don’t use this hiding spot if you’ve caught any of your household members snooping in your journal, or if you even suspect snooping.
  14. In between your cell phone and the cover. Tip: especially useful for a few bills when going out for the evening. Alternative: in between your MP3 device and its cover.
  15. In little-used dishes. Tip: don’t use see-thru plastic containers.
  16. In a baggie, inside of a water-filled laundry detergent or clothing softener bottle. Tip: make sure the bottle is thoroughly rinsed out.
  17. Rolled into a pair of your socks. Tip: use an old pair that you aren’t likely to wear anytime soon.
  18. Between the picture and the cardboard spacer of a framed photo. Tip: if you have a lot of money to hide, place a few bills in each framed photo.
  19. Inside of an old, unused purse.
  20. Taped flat on the bottom of a potted houseplant.
  21. Inside of a pillow. Tip: if you aren’t using a pillow that has a zippered cover, cut the threads at one corner just wide enough to get your hand through, stuff the bills as close to the center as you can get them, and sew the corner back up.
  22. Wrapped up in an out-of-season sweater or jacket.
  23. Taped on the underneath side of a table, step-stool or chair.
  24. Taped flat to the underneath side of your bathroom scale or rug.
  25. Folded up in a towel. Tip: make sure it’s a towel you don’t use very often and place this towel on the bottom of the stack.

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